Welcome to starch-id.eu!

This website is currently in development. Starch-id.eu will host an open-access database of starch granule characteristics and imagery contributed by those in the field. A powerful starch search engine will help researchers identify the species of unknown starch granules.

Uhm... cool... so how can I help?

Give us your starch! Starch-id.eu will be open to beta testing soon, when we hope to let a group of starch researchers test out the site. If you're interested in helping us with this testing then please enter your email address below. Once the site goes live, you can help by signing up and sharing your starch reference collection with the other users of the site and with the world!

* We will not use email addresses for anything except inviting you to the beta testing programme, and will not retain email addresses after invitations have been sent nor share email addresses with any third party. We are nice people.